This site is the product of over thirty years of research into places and people pertinent to the story of Benedict Arnold's life. The places and people included on this website will all be found included in the various biographies and history books dealing with Arnold's life story. Unless otherwise noted, all of the photos were taken by me. I have also added a number of scanned images from historical sources, and many photos found in internet searches, with proper attribution. It is my hope that the information provided here will be useful to those with an interest in Arnold and his contributions to the American cause in the Revolutionary War. 

When I started this project many years ago, the goal was to produce a guidebook that would be useful to those interested in visiting historical sites related to Benedict Arnold's life and  career. But that book only existed as several ring-binders on the shelf in my study. In recent years I began to consider building a website which would make the information I gathered available more widely than even a published book could. This website was begun on January 12, 2014. In order to make this guide more thorough, I have now decided to expand beyond places I have personally visited and photographed, to include all sites known to me. In order to do that, I have added places (marked with an asterisk in the title) that are illustrated with photos available on the internet.

NAVIGATION within this site: Click "Browse" to bring up a list of all folders, which are broad categories or sections of Arnold's life. Then click on a folder to bring up all the galleries within it, which are the individual historical sites. The sites are in chronological order, as much as possible.      Alternatively, the "Search" feature can be used to bring up photos related to any name or location you may enter.